Dear Friends of Sustainability,

We've been told: "It's too ambitious. It canít happen. It's an unrealistic goal." But we believe it is possible to transform manufacturing and retail practices worldwide so that by 2015 sustainable products are available in 90 percent of the global marketplace.

Because the 100 largest companies account for more than 90% of the world's products, our mission is attainable. All companies want to increase their profits while contributing to an unpolluted, safer environment, and improved public welfare. This is how the free market system works at its best. Economic prosperity goes hand in hand with good health and a clean environment. These inalienable rights are also the mission of successful companies. With sustainable products, a company can take pride both in a strong base of profits and in a better planet for future generations. Sustainable products are those products providing environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare & environment over their full commercial cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to final disposition, providing for the needs of future generations.

Sustainable products increase corporate profits while enhancing society as a whole, because they are cheaper to make, have fewer regulatory constraints, less liability, can be introduced to the market quicker, and are preferred by the public.

MTS brings together a powerful coalition of sustainable products manufacturers, environmental groups, and key state and local government leaders using market mechanisms increasing sales and market share of sustainable products. We have identified consensus protocols for sustainable products such as FSC Certified Wood, Certified Organic Products, and the Clean Car Standard. When such a consensus is reached, the next steps are to increase awareness and sales of these products until profit motives and other marketplace incentives kick in and drive the transformation. Awareness and sales are manageable steps.

We appreciate your interest in joining this exciting revolution as sustainable positive products replace their conventional counterparts the world over.


Denis Darragh, MTS Chairman, CEO, Forbo North America
David Ford, MTS Vice Chairman, CEO, Certified Forest Products Council





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