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Sustainable products provide the greatest global environmental, economic, & social benefits & are measured over their entire life cycle from raw materials extraction to final disposition.

Online Sustainable Products Training© provides credible, transparent, consensus, and life cycle and standards-based information, increasing market penetration of sustainable products, buildings, and vehicles, to obtain the resulting global benefits.

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  • Green Buildings by National Wildlife Federation, US Green Building Council, & HOK Architects
  • Green Existing Buildings by International Facility Management Association, International Interior Design Association, American Society of Interior Designers, Leonardo Academy, Milliken, US Green Building Council & Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments
  • Green Building Commercial Interiors by American Society of Interior Designers, Catalyst Partners & US Green Building Council
  • Green Laboratory Buildings by Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Fisher Hamilton , US EPA & Kath Williams + Associates
  • Green Schools by Collaborative for High Performance Schools, San Diego Gas & Electric, The Council of Educational Facilities Planners International, Sustainaissance International, California State Architect, US EPA & US Green Building Council
  • Green Retail Buildings by Forest City Enterprises, US Green Building Council & Sylvania,
  • Green Building Core & Shell by Hines, Gensler, American Institute of Architects, Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, US Green Building Council & Tate Access Floors
  • Green Homes by American Society of Interior Designers, Natural Resources Defense Council & US Green Building Council
  • Sustainable Healthcare by Kaiser Permanente, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, US Green Building Council & Forbo Flooring
  • Certified Organic Products by Newman's Own Organics, Organic Trade Association, Organic Center for Education & Promotion & National Wildlife Federation
  • Sustainable Textile Standard© by International Interior Design Association, Gensler, Daniel Mann Johnson Mendenhal, Milliken Carpet Fabric & Apparel, Catalyst Partners & MTS
  • FSC Certified Wood by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) & Knoll
  • Sustainable Flooring by American Society of Interior Designers, Forest Stewardship Council & Forbo Flooring
  • Sustainable Carpet by International Interior Design Association, American Society of Interior Designers, International Facility Management Association & Milliken
  • Sustainable Lighting by American Society of Interior Designers, New Jersey Green Building Council & Philips Lighting
  • Sustainable Furniture by International Interior Design Association, Forest Stewardship Council & Knoll
  • Green Power by Renewable Choice Energy, Haworth, Interface, & US EPA
  • Cleaner & Greener Certification & Energy Efficiency by Leonardo Academy & Johnson Controls
  • Green Chemistry by American Chemical Society, Green Chemistry Institute & Shaw Carpet
  • Environmentally Preferable Products by Natural Resources Defense Council, California State Architect, International Interior Design Association, Antron Carpet Fiber & Invista
  • Pollution Prevention & Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by International Design Center for the Environment, Natural Resources Defense Council, American Institute of Architects, Sustainable Proucts Corpration & MTS

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