Reducing 60% reduction of conventional energy use in buildings by 2015.
  Emergency National Consensus Standard
MTS adopted the consensus EMERGENCY Climate Neutral Standard as part of AIA's Directive to reduce 60% of energy use in buildings by 2015. 
The Standard has been adopted by the Capital Markets to stop Imminent Irreversible Dangerous Climate Change.  Certification is delegated to licensed design professionals through legally binding certifications and auditing to ensure sufficient ramp up for the 1M Certified Climate Neutral buildings needed by 2015 to stop Dangerous Anthropogenic (manmade) Interference with Climate (click here for Capital Markets report showing needed buildings:
Creating Economic Stimulus While
Stopping Climate Credit Risk / Irreversibility
  Standard Attributes  
The Standard:
  • Allows certification through any combination of efficiency and onsite     or offsite Green-e renewable power
  • Is designed to provide fast and effective certification to meet the     demands of climate change
  • Shows actual validated global data documenting that
        conventional energy prices will increase at 20%/yr. for next 10 yrs.
  • Prevents substantial price volatility from conventional energy
  • Provides credit for SMaRT Certified Products
    Emergency Climate Neutral Standard Application
    Steve Castellanos FAIA, Director, AIA Board & Foundation, Chairman
    Niels Wolter Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation, Vice Chairman