Using a integrative process (IP) to save costs, achieve better performance, achieve LEED and Climate Neutral Building Certification.

Since IP adds economic value as measured by the consensus underwriting Green Value Score, it was agreed at the June 23, 2010 National Green Building Underwriting Public Meeting at the Boston Federal Reserve Bank, that IP should be a condition of financing.

See Meeting Summary & Agenda.
ANSI Consensus Standard  
  Value of Integrative Design  
MTS adopted the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Whole Systems Integrative Process (WSIP) for buildings and communities.� Integrative process changes the linear design process for buildings and communities and thus:
  • Saves about 10% in construction costs and much more in operating     costs for LEED and Climate Neutral certification
  • Achieves better performing buildings and communities both from a     sustainable and economic perspective
  • More easily, cheaply and effectively achieves LEED and Climate     Neutral Building Certification
  • Is being used by the building industry to change the
        process for the built environment
  • Reduces Risk: Fireman's Fund Risk Reduction Statement
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    Bill Reed AIA, LEED AP, President, Regenesis Integrative Design Collaborative, Chairman
    John Boecker AIA, LEED AP, Principal, 7 Group, Vice Chairman
    Steve Bushnel Fireman's Fund, Education Subcommittee Chairman
    Jason Twill Vulcan Inc., Vice Chairman