MTS was founded with the introduction of fourteen transparent , consensus based sustainable product standards when it was launched in 2000. MTS has maintained its commitment to its core competency-certifying sustainable products-while integrating other vital components of the open market into the process. Its latest achievement is organization of the MTS Capital Markets Partnership and development of the sustainable commercial and residential underwriting standards for the capital markets.
  • MTS launched by Herman Miller Furniture Chairman Dave Nelson
  • Charter Members:
  • 14 transparent, consensus Sustainability Standards identified and approved
  • SMaRT Consensus Sustainable Textile Standard Launched for carpet, fabric & apparel
  • Sustainable advertising campaign launched
  • Report on sustainable products focus groups
  • Increased profitability documented for sustainable products

  • SMaRT Textile Standard approved
  • Economic Benefits Standard completed for sustainable products, buildings & vehicles
  • Capital Markets Initiative Launched
  • Sustainable Products Education Event conducted in Vancouver, Canada sponsored by governments of Canada resulting in execution of LEED License Agreement with Canada
  • SMaRT Textile Standard 2.0 Approved
  • California adopts SMaRT
  • SMaRT Flooring Standard approved
  • Green Building Finance Summit conducted in NYC with $100B in real estate investment represented, concluding that green buildings are more valuable than conventional based on debt & equity sessions and case studies
  • American Institute of Architects adopts SMaRT & consensus Climate Neutral Building Standard to reduce 60% of conventional energy use by 2015.